LEADER Funding

LEADER is not a grant making programme. It will support activity which will test and develop new ideas and ways of working. In order to do this pre-development work LEADER can support:

  • Mentoring/Expertise – revenue costs for people who can provide particular kinds of support to organisations and groups to help them develop their own skills and expertise. This is a different approach to training.
  • Training – revenue costs, though some small items of equipment might fall within the scope of training, for the development and delivery of more formalised courses to groups of people.
  • Research/Feasibility Studies – revenue costs for a combination of staff time and consultancy costs to undertake the background research for a specific problem or issue and the production of a comprehensive written appraisal of the issues, the alternative solutions, the financial costings, a detailed risk analysis and recommendations for the next steps.
  • Pilot Projects – small scale or limited term projects to test out a concept or try an innovative technique within the LAG area. Can contain revenue or capital expenditure within the capitalisation limits set out in the guidance.

If your community, organisation, group or business has an idea for an innovative project, please complete the “Expression of Interest” form (link below). When we receive your forms we will acknowledge that we have received them. A member of the team will contact you to discuss your idea.

If you would like to discuss your idea / project in the first instance then please contact a member of the team on 01492 576673 or email ConwyLocalActionGroup@conwy.gov.uk.

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