As part of the RDP LEADER programme 2016-2020, pilot projects are run to improve the understanding and engagement with our local producers and hospitality sector by our local residence and visitors.

The North West Wales Food Producer Group Project aims to develop a single, integrated strategy for the promotion, development and management of local produce and catering sectors across Conwy, Gwynedd and Anglesey by breaking down the traditional county barriers and creating a single vehicle to deliver food events throughout the region. The project will develop a model that will –

  • Establish the necessary governance and structures to enable the new organisation to best represent the interests of the producers and caterers of each county.
  • Be responsible for managing effective, safe quality events across 2018 that meet local county requirements.
  • Enhance the reputation of the region’s producers and raise the profile of North West Wales as a destination for food tourism.
  • Design and deliver a system to collect and evaluate data on the events which we can share with stakeholders.

Menter Mon are leading a cooperation project in behalf of the Conwy, Gwynedd and Anglesey LEADER groups (Conwy Cynhaliol, Arloesi Gwynedd Wledig & Arloesi Mon) in delivering the project and require a Project Facilitator to deliver the central facilitation of this project.  The role of the North West Wales Food Producer Group Facilitator will be to take the lead in the coordination of the project and events.

The main duties will include:

  1. Coordinate the project and support the delivery of a minimum of 12 events. One of the events will be out of the region to promote North West Wales food.
  2. Facilitate and attend meetings as required and feedback to the Strategic Board and LEADER project officer.
  3. Event organisations – Liaise with sound / lighting / logistics / Healthy and Safety specialist and create and event plan with required supporting documentation.
  4.  Develop the necessary paperwork trail to ensure effective and efficient coordination of each event.
  5. Establish and maintain good communication with all businesses in the defined area on behalf of the North West Wales Food Producer group.
  6. Assist with marketing the project. This will include the development of a website (via procured 3rd party) for producers and caterers, promote the groups progress to external stakeholders, and encourage B2B and participation in events.
  7. Performing any other duties and responsibilities as may be appropriate to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the project as directed by the Steering Group and LEADER Lead Officer.
  8. Attending Networking meetings and conferences to ensure good practice is adopted and to promote the project.
  9. Deliver a final report including model for the North Wales Food producer group detailing Performance Indicators as agreed and discussed with the LEADER Lead Officer. The specific PI’s are –

Facilitation of a producer/caterer network x 1

Facilitation and support of Stakeholders x 10

Facilitation and support to a minimum of 60 producers/caterers

Production of a developed model for the Group together with the LEADER Lead officer

Report on the events including new producers introduced, etc with input from the Lead officer

The Project period will run from 1st April 2018 to the 28th February 2019. The ability to communicate in Welsh is a desired quality.

We envisage the duties required will not be full time and believe a maximum of 2/3 days per week over this period is needed.

The tender will be scored on the following criteria and this should be clearly reflected in your submission.

Company Quality – 40%

The quality and professionalism should be shown and evidenced. This should include:

  • previous facilitation experience including links to outputs or reviews/evaluations on the company’s performance
  • health and safety qualifications
  • Community group facilitation experience, and event planning experience.

In the case of a sole trader, what support structure is in place to ensure consistency for the group.

Price – 20%

The price per day rate and confirmation of the expected number of days should be clearly shown. The sum provided should be the maximum to deliver the facilitation role. The project period should allow for feedback and the report writing.

Methodology – 40%

The project delivery requires good communication procedures and clear planning. The applicant must outline the methodology they will utilise to deliver the contract, along with any supporting evidence based on previous experience.

Please forward your tender to by the 28th March 2018. Meanwhile if you have any questions re the above please contact Jane on the above email.